Become a Licensed Partner

For any use of our Friends Resilience programs, you need to become a Licensed Partner whether you're an individual, school, organisation or government entities. Please contact or for any specific enquiry, please ring +61 437 227 025

Becoming one of our license partners is a great opportunity.

If you become one, it enables you to train other facilitators, so that they can run/facilitate The FRIENDS Programs in your area.

If you are interested in becoming a license partner please contact us via email or phone:

Information for Friends Resilience Licensees regarding Training:

  •  Licensees's Trainers receive online training only from Friends Resilience directly.
  •  Licensees's Trainers can only train facilitators for the Friends Programs in their licensed territory.
  •  Licensees's Trainers can NOT train other trainers. Only Friends Resilience can train trainers.
  •  Licensees's Trainers have to do refresher training every 3 years.
  •  Refresher Training is only done by Friends Resilience on line.
  •  Refresher training consists only of 4 hours across all 4 programs and simply updates information on new evidence based strategies added to the Friends Programs.
  •  Facilitators of the Friends Programs need to be registered Allied Health or Educational Professionals or registered School Counsellors or Chaplains.