2016 Holiday Intensive Friends Programs Developed Dr Paula Barrett

Firstly, just let me say it was wonderful for M to be part of such an organised and professionally run workshop for young adults. All the professionals at the workshop related so well to the children and showed great respect for the children’s opinions and ideas, gently collecting ideas the children may have.

M has already begun taking her knowledge concepts and skills gained into her own daily life. She is using the coping step plan and sharing ideas with siblings. M also turned on her green thoughts when she could have been negative about a problem she was having. She has asked to go on walks as she knows that will clear her mind and she has been using the mindfulness app recommended by the friends program facilitator.

We were highly impressed with the program and all of them as M has completed all 3. As she becomes an adult I will be recommending she also do the adult one to continue to build her knowledge so she is stronger for life. M has Asperger disorder and compared to her peers she has a lot more resilience and a positive outlook due to her friends courses. I can not thank the team highly enough. Thank you Paula Barrett for heading my daughter in the next positive turn her life journey.

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