Accolades flow for fighting fear

From Courier Mail

This is a small newspaper article about Dr Paula Barrett and the development of her programs.

“She is the one they turn to around the world if the kids are not coping and are stressed out.

From her base in Brisbane, Dr Paula Barrett is a world leading child psychologist who teaches children, their families and adults the skills to be resilient and overcome anxiety, depression and stress.

She’s petite and softly spoken with a Portuguese accent, but Dr Barrett is a determined campaigner and eager to see more Australian children access her Friends for Life program.

Dr Barrett was yesterday named Telstra Queensland usiness Woman of the Year and her centre, (…) was a recent finalist in the Telstra Business Awards for Queensland.

The Friends course is the only one endorsed by the World Health Organisation, as well as a handful of top-ranking journals, for its treatment of anxiety in children sand adolescents.(…)

Yet education bureaucrats in Mexico, Canada, the UK, Finland, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Germany, Thailand, Norway, Japan and New Zealand have all embraced her skills and programs.

In British Colombia, Canada, every Year 5 student — some 65,000 children — will do Dr Barrett’s Friends for Life course this year.

Dr Barrett is among the Queenslanders named in Qweekend magazine’s 2008 Best and Brightest issue, (…)”

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