This is an article about Dr Paula Barrett after she was named Telstra Business Woman of the Year.

Paula Barrett

CHILD psychologist Paula Barrett says the key to being a successful woman is resilience.

“It’s about falling over and getting up again and again,’ she said. Ms Barrett, 46, has earned international recognition for developing intervention strategies for child-hood and adolescent anxiety.

Her Friends for Life prevention program, created in the early 1990s, is used in schools and clinics in 15 countries and in November she was named Telstra Business Woman of the Year

“When you look at people who have succeeded it always looks very easy, as though things just happen for them But they don’t,” Ms Barrett, who lives in Toowong in inner-Brisbane, said.

“Life has ups and downs. My advice is to stick with what you’re passionate about. A lot of people will try to knock you down, but persevere.” “

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