Friends lift confidence in children

From Courier Mail

This is an article from the Courier Mail and it is about the the effects of the FRIENDS programs developed by Dr Paula Barrett.

“THESE youngsters have come ahead in leaps and bounds – all with a little help from their friends.

Once anxious in social situations, five-year-old Ashton McDonnell and sisters Brooke, II, and Cassidy Thornton. 8, are now confident kids thanks to a Queensland-devised educational program which focuses on developing emotional resilience in children and adolescents.

The “Friends”program has been used in countries including Germany, Netherlands, Norway, l’inland, Mexico and Japan and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key recently announced it would be rolled out in NZ schools.

Mother Vicki Thornton said the program has allowed her children to overcome many issues, including bully mg at school.

“It gave Brooke some tools to manage her anxiety,” she said. -She just grew in self confidence and then Cassidy did the program last year after I separated from their dad. They both loved it.”

The program’s founder, child and adolescent psychologist Professor Paula Barrett, said the program had been used by millions of children globally. “It’s not just for children with anxieties, its for all children to learn positive coping skills.” (…)”

friends lift confidence in children

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