How the experts find their MOJO

From Prevention Magazine

This is an article from the Prevention Magazine and it is about how Dr Paula Barrett deals with her every day.

“As a psychologist, I’m expected to be ‘up’ and happy all the time. But I’m only human; I have my challenging days, too. At times, it’s very difficult to fight against feeling worried and down.

As a child, I was very sensitive about what was happening around me; I was also a perfectionist. even now, I have very high expectations of myself, which isn’t always healthy. It was my sensitivity as a young child that led me to study psychology.

I’m Portuguese, so my parents are far away. I feel sad at times, especially during special holidays. “Luckily, I have a great circle of friends, a very supportive partner and grown-up children, and our loving animals.

I exercise twice a day. if I don’t exercise, I become too immersed in my work and my problems. Moving my body helps put things in perspective and injects me with energy and positivity. So I run or walk through the forest behind my house with our dogs. I usually swim 2 or 3 km after my afternoon run as well. Fresh air, the sound of the wind rustling, brids chirping and the happy yelps of my dogs all bring me pure joy.

I often think of my vovó [Portuguese for grandmother] and try to emulate her way of living. she always said we learn more from our adversities than from our successes.

It’s important to strip your happiness needs back to basics. Nature, homemade fresh bread, family, the laughter of children, the innocence of animals, red wine, classical and jazz music, a swim in the ocean a good book – these are the things that keep my spirits sky-high.”

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