QWeekend – Dr Paula Barrett

From QWeekend – Courier Mail (2008)

This is an extract from QWeekend magazine and it is about getting to know a little more about Dr Paula Barrett and how she is a model in Queensland.

“PROFESSOR PAULA BARRETT, 46, child psychologist

Barrett has unlocked some of the mysteries of childhood and adolescent anxiety through two decades of research and has developed intervention strategies that have earned international recognition. Her Friends for Life prevention program, created in the early 1990s is used in schools and clinics in 15 countries. The global dissemination of the program is managed (…) in inner Brisbane, while a new Woolloongabba clinic also specialises autistic spectrum disorders, educational psychology, sports psychology and services for adults, including martial counselling. This week Barrett was named Telstra Queensland Woman of the Year

Year ahead: Keynote addresses at international conferences; planning for a national summit on childhood resilience.”

QWeekend Dr Paula Barrett

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