Our Partners


Our Facilitators

There are thousands of facilitators who have been trained to administer the FRIENDS programs in schools and organisations all around the world. Our facilitators are retrained every 3 years to ensure they are up to date with the latest research and improvements to the programs.

Please email training@friendsresilience.org to find out more.

Our Licensed Partners

The FRIENDS Programs have a number of licensed and qualified trainers who are able to train facilitators, such as teachers, counsellors and allied health professionals. Our licensed trainers ensure that every single person who runs the FRIENDS programs at a school or institute has the highest possible level of training and preparation. All licensed trainers are trained in person by Dr Paula Barrett and undergo regular updates to their training to ensure that they are delivering the most up-to-date versions of the training protocols. To enquire about becoming a licensed training partner, email training@friendsresilience.org and become part of the global FRIENDS Family.

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