Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information that may need to be required

Depending on the service that is used on our site visitors will be asked to provide private details about themselves as well as their family members. If a parent is booking a session for their child they will be asked to provide personal details about their child such as their name, age, school information, and to list their conditions. More pressing information such as physical or psychological conditions are not required to be given up until the patient and/or client meets with a psychologist/counselor, but are able to do so of their own free will.


Cookies are small text files that are transferred to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser from our server. FRIENDS Programs uses cookies in some situations as a means of personalisation features to our visitors. For example, we use cookies to remember personal settings such as a user login and password that clients may have chosen at our site. Visitors can choose whether or not to accept cookies by changing the settings of their browser.

Information about Payments

We collect information about all purchases and online transactions from our clients. This includes payment information such as method of payment, contact information such as email address and phone number, as well as other identification information (including name and address). Credit or Debit card numbers and Banking Information are required to make payments but are not stored on record. Visitor IP addresses will also be recorded every time a transaction is made, as a part of standard practice in regards to online transactions.

Information Surveys

We require clients to fill out surveys about themselves and their family through the Lime Survey program. All information provided through this program is stored on our database on our servers. Currently the survey is hosted on the pathwayshrc.com.au domain, until it can be fully transferred over to the friendsprograms.com domain. Pathways is the predecessor of the FRIENDS programs and provided the same services before the transition several years prior. All information and content that is collected from the Pathways site is protected by the FRIENDS Programs.

Security and Privacy of Information

All data entered at FRIENDS Programs will be transferred encrypted using latest encryption standards. All information transferred from the client to our servers cannot be read by others because the connection is secured by SSL/TLS technology. All information collected by the FRIENDS programs will not be shared publicly.