Why the FRIENDS Programs?

Be successful

We help children, youth and adults succeed by providing the necessary social and emotional skills to promote resilience and overall wellbeing.

World Health Organisation

The FRIENDS Foundation is endorsed by the World Health Organisation as a leader in child psychology.

Evidence-based Research

The FRIENDS programs are grounded in evidence based research, and are kept up-to-date with current psychology expertise.

Training, Licensing and General Enquires:

For all licensing enquiries please email licensing@friendsresilience.org

Our Programs

There are four variations of the FRIENDS program, tailored to suit different age groups and address the various challenges likely to be encountered.

Friends Resilience - Fun Friends


A play-based social skills training program for building resilience (4-7 years).

Friends Resilience - Friends For Life


Play-based group for helping children and teenagers cope with feelings of fear, worry and sadness (8-11 years).

Friends Resilience - My Friends Youth


Give adolescents positive coping skills to better navigate experiences & effectively manage the associated feelings (12-15 years).

Friends Resilience - Adult Resilience


Helps you to recognise and address the issues that may be holding you back in many areas of your life (16-18+ years).

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