Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation

Dr Paula Barrett Friends Resilience Training Workshops

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I liked that the training was offered online. Living remotely means I have to travel for many training events. This was well executed and felt like we were in a room. The class participation helped with that connection. (I would recommend this) particularly if they also live remotely, or are time poor. This was a great way to teach the program while we stayed in the comfort of our own homes; and didn't have to pay for expensive travel costs and accommodation. The format of the program was good to learn. I have heard about this program over the years and I am now prepared to take this into the schools I work with.


The content of the program is very high quality and I enjoyed both the theoretical underpinnings and the classroom applications. The training will help me to take students through consistent practices to calm physiological arousal and enhance social connectedness. It's an evidence-based program that can be applied universally in a school system at all levels of response to intervention. (I learnt) skills in structuring lessons, small groups and one-on-one sessions with students.


Very well set out, easy to follow and understand. (I hope to be) able to give children a different view on situations or problems they're facing. (I learnt about the) coping step plan and problem solving plan.


(I liked the) different activity ideas. (It is) very convenient if accessing from abroad. Questions about delivery were answered.


I found the different thought pathways really beneficial, red and green. Even in my own life I have found it helpful in making me realise when I am going down a red thought pathway.


I liked the way the meeting worked - (...) I was pleasantly surprised by how good it worked. The group discussing topics and being able to contribute and good feedback from (the trainer). I would like to make (my practise) more creative - I like the ideas of using paint to express feelings and I think these creative modalities could be incorporated more. I would absolutely recommend the training to parents. A lot of health professionals would already have many of these skills working in mental health but the program is useful for its simplicity when working with youth.


I really enjoyed having (the trainer) encourage participants to take part in sharing their answers, but made it comfortable and inviting - very relaxed. (I hope to) help my students at our school with their mental health. Yes, it was relaxed, comfortable but very rewarding. Many new skills and techniques were discussed. (I learnt about) coping with problems, steps to take when dealing with a problem.


I found that it was insightful and provided me with the principles behind each session. Thanks very much for two very interesting days of information. This was one of the best online trainings that I participated in. I really found the extension activities helpful as well as the relaxation tips.


(I liked) the convenience, time length, method of teaching - worked well. (It is) extremely relevant and beneficial to all in the field. (I learnt) Extra tips and knowledge for group discussions and activities


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