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Friends Resilience Latest Training Sessions

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Blog: Friends Resilience Latest Training Sessions

Lately, we have had a couple of training sessions on the Friends Resilience Programs developed by Dr. Paula Barrett:

  1. Online training. Our trainer Lauren Phillips was in charge of a My Friend’s Youth and Adult Resilience training on December 10th and 11th. It was a successful session and here is some feedback about it:
    • “The sessions are easy to follow for facilitators and participants and there are activities for different learning styles. Doing some of the activities was specially helpful. I hope to incorporate practising more relaxation, gratefulness and changing red thoughts to green thoughts in my work.”
  2. In-service training. We also had a Train the Trainers session in Sydney this past November 24th and 25th. Dr. Paula Barrett herself was present in that session. Here are some things that our trained people liked about it:
    • “Linking the theory to practice. Paula’s enthusiasm and knowledge is amazing”.
    • “Paula was very enthusiastic and passionate about this area.”
    • “Paula is an incredible trainer, so knowledgeable and engaging. Loved the vegan references, too.”
    • “Paula’s passion and experience of program.”
    • “Paula was engaging and explained how she uses the concepts with kids.”
    • “The research and data shared from Paula, the meditation, mindfulness, reading the books and doing activities.”
    • “Paula delivering the content and sharing her knowledge and experience delivering the program.”
    • “Trainer’s knowledge of theoretical background and research”.
    • “The theory behind the concepts, the passion and drive behind the program.”
    • “The use of children’s picture books. The activities for the Fun Friends.”
    • “Practical implementation strategies for group leaders.”
    • “Knowing correct terminology to use with children of how their cognitive development relates to terminology of activities.”
    • “Presenter style. Relaxed, fun.”
    • “Reinforcement of key concepts.”
    • “Practical examples/facts/stats about the program.”

Remember, if you would like to be part of one of our training sessions, please send your interest to training@friendsresilience.org or visit the following pages for each program:

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