Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation

may you wake with gratitude

Helpful, powerful reminders are an important part of our vitality and health, and that can all begin with a little bit of gratitude. Just imagine, you’re sitting there at your desk and your mobile phone vibrates each hour, sending through a positive text message and helping you to remember just how great you can be. It’s time to not only give others the gratitude they deserve, but ourselves as well.

Sometimes it can seem impossible to remove all those unhelpful, negative thoughts buzzing around in your mind, especially if life isn’t going quite as planned. However, once we acknowledge the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and our behaviours, we can work towards making a change.

This week, the 7th edition of the FRIENDS Programs books are in the making. Our Adult Resilience program will explore the ways in which we can learn to give ourselves helpful, powerful reminders. Our thoughts are just thoughts – they are temporary and you have the power to choose. It’s never too late to send yourself a positive reminder, so go ahead and click ‘send’!

Feel free to call us on 0417 628 389 if you and your family are interested in our world-acclaimed programs, starting on Sunday the 31st of July. Our programs are open on weekends, so both mothers and fathers as well as children can attend the group sessions to learn effective resilience skills for life.

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