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Kids lost in busy lifestyle

kids lifestyle dr paula barrett

Kids lost in busy lifestyle

This is an article about Dr Paula Barrett talking about anxiety in kids’ current lifestyle.

Anxiety problem grows

ONE in five Australian children is now suffering from anxiety disorder, thanks to modern essentials such as mobile phones and shopping centres, research shows.

The fast-paced lifestyles of Australian children — – which includes too little sleep, too • many gadgets, too much sugar, ton many demands and too little family support is mak-ing children overly anxious, Professor Paula Barrett told an Australian conference of psychiatrists yesterday.

Children as young as three have disorders that lead them to be over-anxious, fear separation from their parents, have poor attention, or have learning problems. Professor Barrett told the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists conference in Port Douglas.

“It is the speed of life that is doing this to our children -everything from loud noises to mobile phones to shopping centres,” Professor Barrett, an international expert in child disorders, said. “In most families both parents are in the workforce and the child doesn’t have the ability to grow up and be nurtured enough from within the family,” she said.

“Children are becoming very sensitive to change — whether it’s a new teacher at school or a new house, they are just not coping and many parents are just not emotionally in tune with their children.”

But she has refused to solely blame parents, believing that a variety of factors are the cause.

“There are just so many things happening to people these days we can’t do anything slowly,” Professor Barrett said.

“Kids have an incredible amount of stimulation which is just too much. Most children are sleep deprived even five-year-olds are staying up until 11pm playing on the computer.”

“And they have too much sugar in their diet from soft drinks and had food. Children don’t drink water, they drink .juice or soft drink.”

Professor Barrett (…) said positive attachment with peers, family and teachers and a sense of belonging at school or kindergarten helped improve children’s resilience.

 kids lifestyle dr paula barrett

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