Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation

An end to our Term 2, Paula Barrett’s FRIENDS programs brought with it many FRIENDS positive outcomes for the FRIENDS team and participating families alike.

Being empathetic and grateful were key concepts taught in both the parent and children’s sessions, resulting in many changes The to people’s interactions with others. For example, one parent noted that their daughter now says thank you when given meals. Another wholesale mlb jerseys reflected on a situation at home where their Son said to his sister – “It’s okay X don’t give up”, where they previously would not have seen that level of empathy. Many parents also mentioned they now talk about things they are happy and grateful for as a family, over mealtime or before bed which in doing so has helped establish a more positive home environment.

Learning how to cope with challenging situations was also a useful concept taught, that helped many participants with challenges in their own lives. For one family, their cat was run over the other в/с day and they noted that everyone processed it better than what one might have expected.

Accepting and validating all feelings and learning how to self soothe were two popular achievements amongst many, with a common theme of participants experiencing reduced stress and anxiety levels and the ability to calmly each approach different situations. The following remarks were made during the parent session:

– “The thoughts feelings action triangle has led to (x) Achse taking the time to reflect before an actual event, which has led to dramatic behavioural shift. I have used this method myself following this experience with her”

– “My son said at school he practiced milkshake breathing by stopping and taking 3 deep breaths before moving forward. As family cheap jerseys we’re overtly practising this skill also”

– “Recognising the way your body changes wholesale nfl jerseys when you respond to anger is really useful and milkshake breathing is a simple way of dialing down intense emotions”

Other feedback included children and adults alike acquiring a greater sense of self worth and the confidence that they will be okay and that they can overcome challenges. The concept of thumbs up and thumbs down choices is a notion the kids really latched onto, helping the parents help them to make positive choices.

With open minds, participants (including staff and volunteers) were able to grow and change over the cheap nba jerseys course of the program. Overall, the level of commitment and participation shown by all is something that we admire in a group and we would like to Three thank each and every single person for coming along and wholesale nba jerseys helping make Term 2 very special.

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