Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
MR, 8 years.

“I had the most fun ever at Friends for Life. I learned so much about how cool it is to be ok with all my emotions. I couldn’t wait to do the program every day of the school holidays. I’m going to miss the friends that I made so so so much. I feel so lucky that I could learn so much in such a short time. I’m glad my mum learned it all too. Thanks Paula and everyone at Pathways.”

AR, 7 years

“I am so proud that I graduated from the Friends for Life program. It made me much happier inside my heart and now I’m grateful for all of the things in the world and in nature. I used to be pretty sad about friends and loud noises made me really scared, but now I have so many different ways of dealing with my worries. I love Paula especially but all the teachers are kind.”

MR, 6 years.

“I played so many fun games at Friends for Life. I learned about swapping red, unhelpful thoughts for green, helpful thoughts. I loved learning the same things that my big sisters learn. I want to do the whole thing next school holidays.”

OR, 5 years.

“I loved the waterfall at the front. I want to go to the game room and play the happy games again. I like balloon breathing and the milkshake game. Meditation makes my brain quiet.”

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