Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation


Ages 12 - 15

My FRIENDS Youth is a group-based development program that provides participants with the necessary tools to cope with new challenges commonly experienced by the 12 to 15 year old age group.

My FRIENDS Youth helps early-teens deal with stressful situations by normalising the state of anxiety and teaching participants to regulate their emotions using the “Emotion Thermometer” concept. It also arms participants with problem solving strategies and self-confidence, making it easier for them to face challenges and tasks in all aspects of their lives. My FRIENDS Youth is evidence based and has been proven by research to decrease anxiety and depression.

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Adolescence is a time of change and offers many new challenges such as higher study loads, peer pressure, friendship difficulties as well as physical development. This can be a stressful and difficult time for many adolescents. My FRIENDS Youth arms its participants with positive coping skills and resilience to help get through tough situations and more easily transition to senior high school years.

My FRIENDS Youth is also able to help early teens resist peer pressure and become positive people, which is crucial for their development at this volatile time of life. The program helps participants build positive relationships with others through confidence, self-esteem, positive communication using eye contact, brave body language and speaking voice.

Developed by Dr Paula Barrett, My FRIENDS Youth is based on years of research and has been deployed world wide to help countless individuals.

My FRIENDS Youth is divided into 5-sessions of  2-2.5 hours per session and can be delivered by trained and certified facilitators. To help participants remember the FRIENDS skills and to provide structure to the program My FRIENDS Youth uses the following acronym:

  • Feelings (try to be aware of feelings and regulate negative feelings)
  • Relax (do “relaxation” breathing, meditation and have some quiet time)
  • Itry to think helpful (positive thinking)
  • Explore solutions (step plans and problem solving techniques)
  • Now Reward Yourself (quality time together doing fun activities)
  • Don’t forget – be brave! (practice skills everyday with friends /family)
  • Stay happy and talk to support networks

If you would like to become a Licensed Partner or for any other enquiry, please contact licensing@friendsresilience.org