Endorsed by the World Health Organisation
Endorsed by the World Health Organisation




It was fantastic. My daughter has already practised being brave, so I think she’s really on her way to finding her confidence.


I really enjoyed it, I think it was beneficial because I saw a change in my daughter – she has been a lot more regulated. Yes, she’ll have an occasional tantrum, but we’ve learned skills to cope with this better.


The time talking with the parents was really good because we were allowed to talk about our kids in a non-biased and non-judgemental environment. Everyone was able to share their tips and experiences on dealing with things!

Helpful! Not just as an Educator but as a life skill for everyone. will apply many of the information points to my professional and personal lives. Very informative and relative to what we need.

Office Manager, Macquarie College, NSW

I found Paula’s presentation incredibly insightful, engaging and at times confronting. I appreciated that Paula provided cutting edge information on resilience and taught us some great skills for not only how to make our kids resilient but how to make ourselves more resilient, reiterating the fact that we can only pass on what we ourselves have.

Youth and Family Focus, Feedback after a FRIENDS In-Service presentation

All participants found the training useful and interesting and will be able to implement aspects of the training into their daily work.